I proudly introduce, The Genuine Designer Podcast!

Sixteen weeks of research, studying, recording, branding, painting, building, and hours of revisions later... I successfully completed my largest project to date. For the last two years, I have dreamed of starting a podcast. The topic for the show changed a couple of times but as time grew on— I knew I wanted to make an impact on the industry I have dedicated my career towards. With that dream in my heart, the Seniors at Iowa State University were challenged to complete their final semester with the Capstone course. My professor challenged me to create a project that would last longer than the final presentation... She encouraged me to make it into a business. Challenge accepted!

Here is an introduction to the Show:

Welcome, I'm Hannah, the host of The Genuine Designer Podcast. On the show, we have discussions that bring awareness to the lack of confidence that plagues designers. As I enter the creative field, I will share my heart, journey, research, and stories of those bringing change to our industry. I aim to help others build a life they love with confidence and purpose. Pull up a chair and join the conversation!

I still can't quite believe that my dream has come to fruition! Pinch me!



/ Tried, True, & Genuine

When thinking of branding for the show, I wanted to convey a very specific vision. I envisioned that the brand would feel just as genuine as the I wanted the podcast to be. Inspired by classic, vintage branding, The Genuine Designer Podcast has a comfortable, well-worn aesthetic.


—Graphic designers of all ages. Perspective from a young graphic designer 

—Eventually, I would like to reach more creatives in general not just graphic design 

—Eventually, I would like to add a segment on confidence, Christianity, and or womanhood.


—Bring awareness to the destructive practices of the graphic design industry

—Teach education and practices

—Share research and factual findings

—Encourage designers to be unique to themselves

—Discuss ethical and moral questions to provoke self-awareness and personal development 

stepping into


/ Multi-Sensory Experience

Once the beast of branding was complete, the real heavy lifting was building out a 10x10 physical display to showcase my brand. It was important to me that my display wasn't a "smile and wave" kind of display. I wanted people to physically step into my recording studio and feel as if they were in my living room. But, this wasn't your everyday event... This was the LAUNCH PARTY for the Podcast! What party is complete without fun drinks, free goodies, and good music? Que up Chris Stapleton and pop the bubbly— it's time to celebrate!


SIGHT — Stepping into a cozy recording studio, warm ambiance, and a buzzing neon.

HEAR — Soft country music playing harmonized with live podcast episodes playing on the TV.

SMELL — Fresh-cut tulips fill your senses, grab your attention, and invite you into the space.

TASTE — Bubbly grape juice quenches your tastebuds and the zing of the sparkling-soaked raspberry leaves you wanting another glass.

TOUCH — Soft textiles line the recording studio, welcoming you in to sit and stay for a while




warm, friendly, inviting 


self growth, self awareness, passion 


factual, proven, substantial, trusted 


storytelling, heart, courage, emotion 


there’s a seat for you at the table, you don’t have to fight or earn your way 


going back to the roots of graphic design, heirloom  

The Gallery Wall — All hand-picked and printed by Hannah

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The Branding


inspired by vintage brands, hard work & strong women

As a visual designer, creating a brand identity that could last longer than a semester was crucial. With my long-term goals in mind, I made several complete brand revisions until landing on this final concept.

As I began my journey to brand a podcast, I was immediately challenged with creating eye-catching cover art. Thousands of podcasters utilize solid color backgrounds with Photoshopped hosts illuminating the covers...Few looked truly unique. For a while, I thought a neat photo would do the trick. I dragged my sister and Fiance to help with two different photoshoots. From the beaches of Destin, Florida to a dolled-up classy photo session, I just didn't feel content with any of the images as the final cover image.

Back to the drawing board I went...I revisited my mood board again and again until finally, it hit me— I didn't need to have my picture on the cover for it to reflect me. Some of my favorite paintings are created by Rachel Ruysch a 1700s Dutch painter. She was one of the first famous female painters to become widely successful in the male-dominated industry. Her career and painting inspired me to step boldly into the world of podcasting— knowing that some would look less upon the show for my lack of experience. But, its the women who have gone before me and paved a path that fills my chest with courage to continue forward.

Flowers in a glass vase with a cricket in a niche


Rachel Ruysch (1664-1750) was a Dutch still-life painter known for her flower paintings. She was one of the few successful female artists in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries, celebrated for her attention to detail, composition, and use of color. Her paintings featured flowers, insects, and small animals, and were highly prized by collectors. Ruysch enjoyed a long and successful career, over six decades, despite facing challenges as a woman in a male-dominated art world. 

My business cards are the cover art for the Podcast. I wanted these to create recognition and memory as people ventured onto Spotify.

Main Logos



The Logo Collection

With a growing graphic design podcast, it's easy to feel "stuck" in branding. I wanted to give myself plenty of "on-brand" alternate logo options that could be used as shorthand or merchandise-inspired representations of the show.

The Brand Book


By the end of my college career, standard brand guides felt a bit too ordinary for this kind of project. Thinking back to graphic design origins, brand books were very common as an extended version of a style guide.

Here is my first shot at a brand book— and let me say... this won't be the last time! I loved creating a longer version guide!

Season Overview Postcard


When tasked with creating a eye-catching takeaway (for the in-person show), I knew exactly what I wanted to do! Who doesn't love a freebie? Especially a beautiful art print on gorgeous, soft-touch paper? Flipping over your beautiful art print, an intentional podcast season overview awaits you. Designed to look classic and timeless, the season overview postcard captures an aerial view, of what listeners can expect, paired with a beautiful print they won't want to throw away.

card upside down in photo. i have another stack left of these, please reach out for one!

So Proud of My Team

The show wouldn't have been possible without this absolute dream team! I am so grateful for the hours each of these girls volunteered and poured into the show. I learned so much as I stepped into my first creative leadership role— it was so rewarding to look back and see all of the incredible deliverables we accomplished together. It makes me excited for future creative leadership roles!