I’m Hannah, a heartfelt brand designer, storyteller, and truth seeker. When I design, my goal is simple— communicate your business with authenticity, intentionality, and confidence.

My job is to take your small business brand dreams and turn them into reality.

Your Business Matters

The success of your business is important to me. I wouldn’t be a designer if I didn’t care about the hours of blood, sweat, and tears you have poured into your dream. As a successful small business owner, I understand what it takes to achieve goals and produce well-crafted products. As an advocate for your business, I will work hard to help it flourish

Personal & Practical

Small businesses are my favorite because I work with real humans who are beautifully unique. I value one-on-one client interaction with every project. Together, we support local communities and reflect the innovation, hard work, and grit of our lineage. You and your business are one of a kind— not a "one size fits all."

Recent Work

"Design is influential, no matter how you go about it. Why not seek to make design nothing less than intentional, purposeful, & ridiculously awesome?"