Did I mention I was the Student Lead for the Capstone Show?

Since the beginning of my Senior year, I had Capstone on my mind. I couldn't wait to kick off the project that I had been dreaming about for so long. Quickly after the start of the spring semester, the faculty announced students could apply for event leadership and branding. I applied and was chosen as the Overall Event Lead for the show! My team focused on creating branding, a website, and event planning (for over 78 students and 500ish local professionals / guests).

I learned so much as I stepped into my first creative leadership role— it was so rewarding to look back and see all of the incredible deliverables we accomplished together. It makes me excited for future creative leadership roles!

Challenges, meet Perseverance

Working with many designers, it can be challenging to mitigate roles and responsibilities. For my team and I, we faced opposition from an additional sub-team and department dean that made the planning, designing, and general communications process very challenging. I stepped up and took control of the situation, realigned my team towards our event goals, and efficiently assigned roles based on my team's individual skills. With those changes, we became a stronger— more cohesive team. In addition, by partnering with my faculty advisor, we quickly diminished any challenges moving forward and became great friends in the process.

Overall, this leadership experience taught me so many things but most importantly how to overcome challenges, provide solutions, handle situations with maturity and grace, prioritize my team's wellbeing and goals, and grow into a stronger leader.



The show wouldn't have been possible without this absolute dream team! I am so grateful for the hours each of these girls volunteered and poured into the show.

Shayla Lien


Lauren Bown

photog. & WEBSITE

Caroline Pillers


Ambrea Schreck


from the SHOW

I couldn't imagine the Senior show without these dedicated, hard-working ladies that stepped up and designed a truly incredible event!