"Welcome all to the 2022 Stampede Conference! The place where business meets creativity—but with a western flare. From leading business masterminds to creative gurus, the whole “women supporting women” is kind of our bread and butter."


Stampede Conference Website

note the horizontal scroll on the homepage!

note the horizontal scroll on the homepage!

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Cowboy Boots Meet Creative Roots

Stampede Conference is an event of a lifetime. Jam-packed with speakers, workshops, and live performances— this isn't your ordinary weekend conference. Stampede focuses on creativity, design, and business. Stampede harmonizes the three topics into an inspiring event bound to create motivation, purpose, and a bit of fire in your soul.

For The Ladies

Stampede Conference is for women— we focus on how to build up other ladies in their pursuits of success. As women, rallying together to create more influence, our own marks on the world, and success in various industries is powerful. We are each created with incredible gifts that fortify what it means to be a woman. From CEOs to courageous mamas, women are strong and mighty— making our ancestors proud



Why Stampede?

Stampede is a combination of my love of country music, kickass businesswomen, and design. Stampede isn't conference rooms, speakers talking forever, and your back aching from sitting in your auditorium chair all weekend. Stampede is an experience with learning, live music events, fashion, food, and so much fun. I wanted to create a conference that I would want to attend with my business best friend.

A conference to remember!

What is included in the conference?

The Stampede Conference is jam-packed with incredible speakers, workshops, and live events. At the conference, each day focuses on a different topic. All speakers and workshops help expand further on each of the themes.

Something that makes Stampede unique is the live music concerts involved with each conference ticket. Live performances from Hailey Whitters, Elle King, Miranda Lambert, and more set this conference apart from the rest! Let's rock!

Tell me about the topics more!

Stampede has some of the best businesswomen and creatives from all over the United States. Featured speakers range from Joanna Gaines to India Earl and even Jill Winger. Each day has a different theme for speakers to focus on. Friday's topic is about creativity and emotion. Saturday focuses on business and being a financially stable leader. Sunday wraps up the weekend with some critical-thinking conversations.

In addition to incredible speakers, each day features two support workshops to help hone specific skills. For example, on Friday, there is Brand Building (with BrightenMade Design) and Watercolor / Flower Arranging (with Celeste Clark and Rose Farms).

What is the form on the website?

The "register" button is featured in the navigation and on each page for easy access. This form helps women buy event seats, read through an extensive FAQ, and complete their complimentary t-shirt order. The form was the most challenging part to make. It required multiple pages and flows to correctly respond to the user input.

Is this a real conference?

With much sadness, Stampede is literally just a made-up brand. It would be extremely unrealistic to have famous country artists perform in private concerts. In addition, I don't even think Joanna Gaines does conferences... LOL. But, just imagine how epic this would be!

Did you take the images used on the site?

These images are INCREDIBLE. I utilized Unspalsh, a copyright-free image resource for creatives, to supply all the visuals for the website. I do not own any of these images. Each image belongs to its respected owner!

How is this website responsive?

Figma is not a website builder and requires designers to build the wireframes from the ground up. Once I finished the website, I adapted each page's wireframes to fit on a regular iPhone. Resizing the website for mobile was super challenging. I had to pay close attention to fill content proportionally and include all the little details. I think the phone turned out very successful!



Tasked with creating a brand identity and complex website, Stampede was one of the most thrilling projects I've done thus far. The brand identity had main logos, support ligatures, artwork, style guides, and well-revised color palette. My favorite part of the project was transforming this hazy dream in my mind into a legit brand. So fun! 

The Stampede website was built through Figma (before Adobe bought it out). It was challenging yet rewarding to incorporate a horizontal scroll, menus, and other accessibility features. This project took over six week to complete— requiring several rounds of feedback and critique. By far, this was my favorite project.


The first step I do in any project, work or school, is create a mood board. This not only helps align the vision in your head and reality— but it focuses the rest of your design. Mood boarding is CRUCIAL for me as I work through the design process in creating a brand, product, and further templates. It really allows me to see what is working and what is just not going to cut it.

On the next page, you will see an extremely intentionally detailed mood board that I collected on Pinterest.