Tasked with creating a brand and a series of printed deliverables such as mailers, business cards, and stickers— Dos Palmas was born after my recent trip to Florida! The beautiful sunshine state captured my attention. As I came home to the bitter cold Midwest, I wanted to bring that warm sunshine into my educational project.

*This brand is for educational purposes only and will not be sold or redistributed.

Dos Palmas is a cidery located in Florida. I chose the specific location of Bonita Springs, in Lee County, Florida because of their fruit growing season. After researching, I learned that this area grows various kinds of produce— including apples! The brand utilizes tropical, carefree elements paired with symmetry and structured sans serifs.

(Also, I became old enough to drink on this trip... hence the topic of alcohol... lol!)


The Dos Palmas Deliverables

You have mail! My mailer features an invitation-style design for the grand opening of Dos Palmas Cidery. Locals would receive an envelope with a tri-paneled invite tucked inside. The RSVPs would follow up with a second mailer— packaged with rewards. Finally, I designed a sticker, business card, and a day-of event schedule / thank you.

Step One: Invitation to Grand Opening & RSVP

open invitation

rsvp card taken out, thank you text behind card

closer look at rsvp

Step Two: Follow Up Mailer from RSVP Response



for each local that sends their RSVP back, they are rewarded with two free drink tickets at the event

i designed a perforated line intended to be torn. the tickets would then fall out

the interior color is solid blue [inside torn perforation] and repeated brand name

Step Three: Day-Of-Event Schedule & Thank You!



Extras: Event arrival swag-bag, business card, and sticker


"Dos Palmas raises a cheers to moments of paradise. For those who thrive in the sunshine and dance in the dark, Dos Palmas Cidery celebrates the best of life with those you love most. We started with the freshest, homegrown citrus and pome fruits right here on our Southeastern Florida farm. Juicy and bold, ripe and sweet, cool and refreshing— with each can of hard cider, you’re sippin’ on a bit of Floridian sunshine drenched in the tides of the Gulf. We don’t think life should be taken too seriously— except when it comes to high-quality hard ciders. Friend, the best moments in life are meant to be shared together with the best cider in hand." 


The first step I do in any project, work or school, is create a mood board. This not only helps align the vision in your head and reality— but it focuses the rest of your design. Mood boarding is CRUCIAL for me as I work through the design process in creating a brand, product, and further templates. It really allows me to see what is working and what is just not going to cut it.

On the next page, you will see an extremely intentionally detailed mood board that I collected on Pinterest.


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